Cinderella hovedbilde

Cinderella profile manual

About the profile

Our external face

A clear and distinct impression of Cinderella’s identity and expression is presented here through a combination of color, photo, typography and text. We are reliable, practical and environmentally conscious and we show growth and innovation through ground breaking waste treatment, bringing modern solutions to new markets. Our visual profile must reflect our goals and our identity, for further information, download Cinderella’s Brand Platform here.


To ensure a strong brand experience, Cinderella’s logo must avoid additional elements that confuse the brand. Never, therefore, place the logo too close to other information, make sure there is sufficient space.

The logo should be either grey or white (negative). No other changes are acceptable. 

Note! The logo is primarily used with the descriptive under-text (in English: Incineration Toilets). Very rarely is it to be used without this description in the language in question. The few occasions are when the logo is in an environment where several languages are apparent.   



Logo with minimum space indication
Logo with minimum space indication

Main logo

Logo without sub-text should only be used on communications material where text in several languages is in use at once.

Main logo eps png
Cinderella logo with shadow
Main logo shadow ai png
Negative Cinderella logo
Main logo negative eps png
Negative Cinderella logo med skygge
Main logo white skygge ai png

Product logo

To be used in all communication regarding individual products. No other under-texts are to be used in connection with this logo

Logo with text "Cinderella Incineration toilets"
Product logo png png eps
Logo with shadow
Product logo shadow ai png
Logo in white
Product logo white png eps
Logo in white with shadow
Product logo white shadow png ai

Company logo

To be used on packaging, addressing and other material that refers to Cinderella as the producer of Cinderella Incineration Toilets.

Cinderella Eco Group
Company logo png ai eps
Cinderella logo grey with shadow
Company logo shadow ai png
Cinderella logo white
Company logo white ai eps png
Cinderella logo negative with shadow
Company logo white shadow png ai

Team Cinderella logo (for sponsorships and events)

Team Cinderella
Team logo eps png
Team Cinderella negative
Team logo negative eps
Marketing Team
Marketing Team logo_internal country cooperation jpg

Examples of uses with logos and images

The logo should be placed on a neutral area of an image or photo and the logo with shadow should be chosen for photos. 

Cabin image with logo

Color palette

Our color palette should reflect our connection to nature and the environment.

The green should be the accent color; the grey should be used for logos and title texts.  


CMYK 86 / 22 / 100 / 8
RGB 33 / 183 / 0
HEX 21b700

Light green

CMYK 52 / 0 / 88 / 0
RGB 146 / 198 / 63
HEX 8cc63f


CMYK 23 / 0 / 89 / 0
RGB 217 / 224 / 33
HEX d9e021


Dark grey

CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 87
RGB 68 / 68 / 69
HEX 3c3c3d


CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 50
RGB 157 / 157 / 157
HEX 9d9c9c

Light grey

CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 10
RGB 237 / 237 / 237
HEX ececec


CMYK 0 / 0 / 0 / 0
RGB 0 / 0 / 0
HEX ffffff

Digital font

For digital communication, we use Open Sans. This is freely available and accessed from Google fonts. Download here. 

Open Sans Regular
Open Sans Semibold


Cinderellas Brand Experience: defining the brand. We use this sparingly and never in direct conjunction to Cinderella’s logo.


  1. On the back of a brochure
  2. The final slide of a powerpoint presentation
  3. Final image of a film

The Payoff uses the font Open Sans.


When nature calls
png jpg

Made in Norway «tag»

«Made in Norway» is our stamp of quality and should be used on all advertisements and printed material.

The «Made in Norway» tag should not be connected to the logo. It should stand alone in an appropriate place that gives a natural association to the logo.

Made in Norway med hvit bakgrunn
Tag ai png
Made in Norway med negativ bakgrunn
Tag negativ ai

Examples of ideal placement

The “Made in Norway” tag should not appear in connection to Cinderella’s logos. It should function as an additional element, near the logo.

Made in Norway-tag plassert horisontalt langs kanten på venstre side, nesten nederst
Made in Norway-tag plassert sentrert
Made in Norway-tag plassert rotert og vertikalt fra kanten på toppen
Eksempel på korrekt bruk av tag, der den er plassert i nærheten av logo, men ikke sammen med den
Eksempel på feil bruk av tag, der den er plassert rett ovenfor og tett inntil logo


Main image

The main image acts as the main photo for all sales material.

Main image
Main image jpg
Main image with Cinderella Toalett placed on top
Main image with toilet png jpg jpg
Main image with larger cabin
Main image with larger cabin jpg

Images that set the mood

Cinderella uses images that reflect going back to nature, uncomplicated, the free outdoors, our role as environmentally conscious and our Norwegian roots.

The photos can be trimmed and adjusted for optimum drama and best possible composition.

The images are used as part of Cinderella’s marketing material and product brochures.   

Cabin in winter
Cabin in winter jpg
Cabin by lake in wintertime, evening
Lakeside winter cabin jpg
Caravan by the fjord
Caravan by the fjord jpg
Caravan on the road
Caravan on the road jpg
On top of the mountain
On top of the mountain jpg
Mountain peak in winter
Mountain peak in winter jpg
Couple riding a bike in summer
Bike ride jpg png
Country rode jpg
Winter scene jpg

Cinderella Classic

Environment image Classic
Environment image Classic tif
Classic psd
Classic with open seat
Classic with open seat psd

Cinderella Comfort

Environment image Comfort
Environment image Comfort tif
Comfort with open drawer and seat
Comfort with open drawer and seat png
Comfort with open ash drawer
Comfort with open ash drawer psd

Cinderella Gas

Environment image Gas
Environment image Gas tif
Gas with gas container
Gas with gas container psd
Gas with open ash drawer
Gas with open ash drawer psd

Cinderella Motion

Environment image Motion
Environment image Motion jpg
Motion with gas container
Motion with gas container psd
Motion psd

Cinderella Urinal

Urinal cut out
Urinal psd
Urinal as seen from the back cut out
Urinal as seen from the back psd

Elements and symbols

Web icons

Web icons are used to illustrate the various levels of service and access to products from the dealers. Symbols can signify: bags in stock, in store display, service workshop, accessories and more.

Web icon toilet
Web icon incineration bags
Web icon service


Gas symbol
Person symbol
eps png
Lightning symbol
eps png
House symbol
eps png
Camping symbol
eps png
Caravan symbol
eps png
Boat symbol
eps png
Train symbol
eps png
Pipe indoors symbol
eps png
Building site symbol
eps png

Profile material

Business cards, envelopes and notepads

Business card
Gunhild's business card pdf
Envelopes pdf pdf pdf
Note pad pdf

Exhibition material

Exhibition clothing

clothing pdf
Fleece jpg jpg

Printed material

Sales brochure

You can find brochures in other languages by clicking the required language in the menu bar in this profile manual.

Front-page of brochure
Bochure Canada pdf
Brochure Europe pdf

Car décor

Drawing indication how a car may be decorated
Car décor pdf



Team Cinderella is used for sponsorship and event activities. Clothes used by athletes or clothes worn at events and exhibitions and in store activities. 

Jumper with Johann Forfang logo, front
Logo front on clothing png
Jumper with Team Cinderella-logo, back
Logo back on clothing png

Sponsoring Johann André Forfang – film


Product films

Links to films on Cinderella Eco Solution, product descriptions and installation guides.

Promotion Cinderella Motion mp4

Sponsor films

Johan Forfang mp4
Johan Forfang mp4